We have sold the building in downtown Jackson as part of a life changing event and relocated to Wilmington, Ohio. I have accepted an offer for the Assistant Professor of Accounting at Wilmington College!

I am very excited about this move, but I can't take on any new clients this season. In fact, I have had to cut back some.

Thank you for your past business!


Apple Tax Services specializes in:

  • Individual Income Tax Preparation
  • Sole Proprietorship and Single Member LLC preparation
  • Itemized Deductions, Capital Gains, Rental Income and Expenses
  • Small Business [especially "micro" business] Income Tax Preparation
  • Taxpayer Representation
  • Estate and Gift Taxation
  • IRS E-File Provider

When preparing tax returns, my first priority is to provide an accurate report to reflect the true nature of the past year's activity. I believe in this philosophy because both of us sign 'under the penalties of perjury' on a tax return. My number one job is to keep both of us legal to avoid any ramifications later down the road. Having said that, I will work diligently, using the maximum amount of deductions and credits allowed by law in order to provide you with the least amount of tax liability or the maximum refund possible.

- Allen "Al" Beatty





Once again the IRS is delaying the issuance of forms 1095-B & 1095-C forms until
March 2, 2017 as required IRC sections 6055 & 6056. These are your proof of insurance
notices under the Affordable Care Act (“Obama Care”). If you are issued such forms,
please bring them to your appointment. Otherwise, please keep for your records
when you receive them.


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